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2023 - Ctrl Alt Deceased

Written for Brindlewood Bay

The Code Coven computer club is proceeding normally when its facilitator, Circe Vaughan, cries out and falls to the ground—dead—a cordless keyboard clutched to her chest. The air is heavy with the smell of ozone and burnt plastic: the computer Circe had just been handling is a scorched ruin. This could be a simple case of bad wiring, or something more sinister could be at play.

A mystery for Brindlewood Bay by Jason Cordova, published in the Nephews in Peril kickstarter edition expansion.

Brindlewood Bay is a tabletop roleplaying game that combines Murder, She Wrote with H.P. Lovecraft. In it, you play a group of elderly women, members of the local Murder Mavens Mystery Book Club, who help the authorities solve murder cases in a picturesque New England Town. Over the course of their investigations, they become aware of a dark occult conspiracy that connects the cases, and will eventually have to face that conspiracy in order to save their community. The game is low-prep and easy to play no matter your experience with tabletop roleplaying games.

The mystery and Nephews in Peril are available on DrivethruRPG, along with the core game.


Mystery art for Ctrl Alt Deceased by James Smith Source: Nephews in Peril Creator: Cecilia Ferri Date: 2022
Introducing Ctrl Alt Deceased Inset of p.103 of Nephews in Peril. Source: Nephews in Peril Creator: Gauntlet Publishing. Graphic design and layout by Harald Eckmüller Date: 2022
Cover of Nephews in Peril Source: Nephews in Peril Creator: Cecilia Ferri Date: 2022



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